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Make Your Own Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut with live cultures is packed with health benefits.

When it comes to probiotic-rich foods, yogurt gets all the fanfare but sauerkraut with live cultures contains a wider variety of probiotic strains, and arguably more health benefits.  But why choose when you can enjoy both foods? 

Sadly the art of making homemade sauerkraut has dwindled ov…

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O Christmas Cheese! O Christmas Cheese! (Vegan)

Cranberry Cracked Peppercorn Cheese (Vegan)

Photo credit: Michelle Schoffro Cook, All rights reserved.

O Christmas Cheese! O Christmas Cheese! How lovely are your flavors.

O Christmas Cheese! O Christmas Cheese! How silky are your textures.

Not only gluten-free and dairy-free, but also packed with probios.

O Christmas Cheese! …

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25 Great Ways to Get More Fermented Foods in Your Diet

Most people know that fermented foods build great gut health, but a growing body of research shows that they build strong immunity, brain health, heart health, and more.  As a result there are more reasons than ever to eat more fermented foods.  Check out my blogs “9 Reasons to Love Sauerkra…

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International best-selling & 20-Time Author Dr. Michelle Schoffro CookHi, I'm Dr. Cook, the Cultured Cook. You may already be familiar with my work. I am an  international best-selling and 20-time book author whose works include: THE CULTURED COOK, 60 SECONDS TO SLIM, THE PROBIOTIC PROMISE, THE ULTIMATE PH SOLUTION.  I am a food and health blogger on, a professional recipe developer, and food photographer. My work and recipes have been featured in Woman's World, First for Women, WebMD, Reader's Digest Best Health, Prevention, Huffington Post,,, Closer Weekly, Vegetarian Times, and many other publications. I'm on a mission to help people become healthier through delicious, nutritious food.

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